GIY-Glitter It Yourself 20 oz Tumbler Kit
GIY-Glitter It Yourself 20 oz Tumbler Kit
GIY-Glitter It Yourself 20 oz Tumbler Kit
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GIY-Glitter It Yourself 20 oz Tumbler Kit

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Want to try making a custom tumbler, but the $150 in first-time supplies seems high? Here's the deal for you.

This kit comes with a pre-primed stainless steel mug, 1 ounce of Mod Podge and two foam brushes, 1 ounce each of parts A and B of epoxy, enough for two coats of epoxy, stir sticks and your choice of silver "bling" or gold glitter.

Some details:
1. Mod Podge will be either Matte or Dishwasher Safe Gloss. Either one works fine, as no finished tumbler should ever see a dishwasher
2. Epoxy will be either Amazing Clear Cast or Pro Marine. Pro Marine has a slight odor so please let me know if you do NOT want Pro Marine.
3. Glitter will be enough to finish the cup with some left over, so don't stress that you won't get enough glitter.
4. Decal color will be either white, black, Teal, or Hot Pink.  Message me with font choice.

Cup is 20oz with lid. It will come taped at the bottom and pre-primed if selected so you won't need to paint the cup at all.

Full Step By Step Instructions included. Please note that I cannot be responsible if the finished product is not what you envisioned. Do not be discouraged this is a learning kit. The cup may not be your best. But it will show you the steps needed to try out this craft and see if it's for you without spending $150 supplies.

You will need a clear sealant. Either Krylon UV Clear or Rustoleum clear is fine. You have to seal the glitter coats with this before moving on with each step. You will need a way to level the epoxy. Some use a paint roller by placing the cup on the roller and turning the
cup every few minutes to help keep the epoxy from settling. 

Shipping will be by Priority Mail and will ship within three days of payment.

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